Yoshikazu Kawaguchi and Kaori Tsuji talk about Kawaguchi's natural farming methods (Photo: P.M. Lydon | Final Straw)

What is Natural farming?

While techniques and methods vary widely, natural farmers share common roots in re-connecting themselves and their farming processes to the Earth, and cultivating food that inherently regenerates the health of the natural world—and of humanity.

Host a Screening

Want to host a screening of Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness for your city, neighborhood, or business? Great! Hosting a screening is a powerful way to spark action, and we have put together a bunch of resources to help you make it happen!

Patrick and Suhee during filming of a community project in Megijima, Japan

About the Film

Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, and the book The One Straw Revolution, the film weaves together meditative landscapes, an eclectic original soundtrack, and inspiring stories from some of the world’s foremost figures in the natural farming movement.

Art & Ecology Projects @ City as nature

The directors of Final Straw founded City as Nature, an ecological art and media studio committed to furthering global ecological awareness. The studio produces openly available exhibitions, forums, books, essays, community projects and short films to help re-connect people and the places they live with nature.

Patrick and Suhee speak about their Final Straw project at the EDUfarm conference in Seoul, South Korea (photo: Saerom Suh)

Tour dates and Screenings

Final Straw’s directors Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang toured the film extensively throughout Japan and Korea in 2015 and 2016, screening the film over 120 times, and conducting dozens of community events and workshops. The tour was managed in-house by co-director Suhee Kang (Korea), and co-producer, Kaori Tsuji (Japan).

Free Online Study Course: Future of Food

A curated selection of study materials to help make sense of today’s social, ecological, and economic issues and environmental solutions, especially from the viewpoint of how we produce, distribute, and consume the food that we eat every day.

Natural farming teacher Etsko Kagamiyama at her farm in Itoshima, Japan (Photo: P.M. Lydon / Final Straw)

Watch Excerpts and Extended Interviews

A library of selected short excerpts, outtakes, and special extended interviews. These free videos include previously unreleased archival footage from the film.

Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang pose for a photo during their nature art workshop at Yangjae Citizen’s Forest in South Korea (photo by SocieCity)

Donate to Final Straw

Donating to our ongoing advocacy and community work is one of the most important ways to help build social and ecological wellness. Because we are run by a small team of volunteers, each dollar goes a long way.