Be a Part of the Film!


Call for Small Farmers and Urban Gardeners
Deadline October 15, 2014

To celebrate the diversity of the community food movement across the world, we’re calling for community farms, gardens, and other small-scale food growers to submit short film clips of community interacting with their farm or garden.

If you’d like for your farm or garden to be considered for inclusion in the Final Straw film, please carefully read the following submission instructions:

What to Film

The requirements are simple. The video should:

1) Be recorded at a small garden or  farm

2) Show or Tell us why working at the garden / farm is important to you

How you do this is up to you, you could make a farm cheer, introduce us to a cow, eat some fresh strawberries, or just stand there and smile. Be creative and show us why small farms are important to the community and the world!

Technical Requirements

The basics are: shoot in HD, give us no more than 1 minute of video (15-30 seconds is fine), and keep it simple.


How to Submit

After you’ve shot your video and reduced it to a short, simple clip, upload it to any YouTube account, and send us a message with the following information:

Farm / Garden Name (eg: Jim’s Garden)
Address, City, State, Country (eg: 101 First Street, San Jose, CA, USA)
Your Name and Position (eg: Farmer Jim, chicken wrangler)
A short statement (about your farm/garden, keep it under 100 words)
Link to your uploaded YouTube video: (eg:

When you’re ready, send the above information to in an email with the suject “Final Straw Video Submission”.

You must send your submission to us no later than October 15, 2014 to be considered for inclusion in the film.

Have fun with it, and we’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

— Patrick and Suhee

Frequent Questions

Q: I’m not really a ‘farmer’ I just dabble in urban gardening. Can I still be included?
A: YES! It doesn’t matter how small your operation is, it could be a few friends, or a whole city. The important part is that you show us how people are connecting to the land and their food!

Q: I’m not really good at filming/technology/digital things. Should I hire someone to help?
A: Generally, if you can manage to get some people and some farm in the frame and put it on youtube, it should be okay. No need for it to be a polished presentation.

Q: All I have is an iPhone/Android. Is it good enough?
A: Generally, yes! Even if it’s just a phone that shoots in an HD format, it’s enough.

Q: When/Where can I see the finished film?
A: The film will be making a small tour toward the end of 2014, and is scheduled for wide release the following year. We’ll keep you up to date on screenings in your area and it’s quite possible we could arrange one in your area (or at your farm) when the film is ready for public viewing in 2015.

Q: Do we get a free copy or something?
A: Yes! Everyone who has an accepted film clip will be given a free download code for the film once it is publicly released.

Q: You mean I don’t get a DVD?
A: In keeping with the spirit of ‘local, no waste, less stuff’ we are making an attempt to release the film with as little impact on the planet as possible. This means using digital distribution wherever possible. We hope you can sympathize with and support us in this goal!

Q: Who are you guys?
A: Patrick and Suhee

Q: What is Final Straw and why are you doing this?
A: There’s a full FAQ, and bunch more information about the film if you poke around

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