Call for Community Farms and Gardens: Be a Part of the Film!

Okitsu with locals at his natural farm in ShikokuWe want the world to get a sampling of the sheer number of people and immense passion building with the  small community garden and farm movement.

In this spirit, we are officially opening a global call for all community farms, gardens, and other small-scale, local food producers to submit a short film clip of the community interacting with their farm or garden. 

Visit the Be a Part of the Film page for more information on how you could be included in the Final Straw film!

Although the bulk of the Final Straw film is complete, and we’ve been at our own filming journey for the past three years, with hundreds of hours of beautiful footage and interviews, we also know that this movement is bigger than any one person knows. With this in mind, we would like to end the film with a showing of the vastness of the movement to connect people back with the earth. That’s why we’re opening up the opportunity for everyone to take part!

You don’t have to be experienced farmers, you don’t need any special certifications, you don’t have to be much larger than yourself and a few friends. In fact, the only requirement is to show people interacting at and with your garden or small scale farm. It’s simple!

Ready? Have a look at our simple Submission Process, have fun with it, and show us visually why connecting to the earth is important to you and your community!

And, if you know others who might be interested to have their community-oriented farm or garden in the film, be sure to let them know about it, too! Sharing is caring.

Thanks, as always, for your support!

With Love,
Patrick and Suhee