Rice babies in Hongcheon, South Korea


We are not a drinking straw company, so if if you’re looking for a sustainable straw, please see The World’s Most Ecological Straw.

Who are we then, if not a straw factory? We are an award-winning art and media team who began a project in 2011 to produce films and workshops about cultivating better relationships with the earth and growing food together with nature. Unfortunately, these days we get many emails aimed at some straw company. How bizarre.

For questions regarding the distribution, screenings, workshops, writings, or any other general media inquiries regarding the Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness documentary project, please contact us using the form below:

Email Us

The following Final Straw team members can be contacted directly by email, using the format firstname@finalstraw.org

Patrick Lydon (USA / International)
Suhee Kang (Korea)
Kaori Tsuji (Japan)

General inquiries can be sent to director@finalstraw.org

Post Mail

Letters can be sent through the postal service to our studio in Kitakagaya, at the following address:

The Branch (attn: Final Straw)
2-8-20 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku
Osaka-shi 559-0011

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Yoshikazu Kawaguchi and Kaori Tsuji talk about Kawaguchi's natural farming methods (Photo: P.M. Lydon | Final Straw)

What is Natural farming?

While techniques and methods vary widely, natural farmers share common roots in re-connecting themselves and their farming processes to the Earth, and cultivating food that inherently regenerates the health of the natural world—and of humanity.

Patrick and Suhee during filming of a community project in Megijima, Japan

About the Film

Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, and the book The One Straw Revolution, the film weaves together meditative landscapes, an eclectic original soundtrack, and inspiring stories from some of the world’s foremost figures in the natural farming movement.