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Donating to our ongoing advocacy and community work is one of the most important ways to help build social and ecological wellness. Because we are run by a small team of volunteers, each dollar goes a long way.

Your donation will help us create films, exhibitions, and essays that advocate new ways to build cities, neighborhoods, and individual lifestyles that are happier, healthier, and more sustainable. By joining us as a supporter, you will help bring to life urban natural gardens, truly green cities, and ecological education programs that inspire real change. To see what we do with donations, visit City as Nature, the portal for our advocacy work.

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Make a one-time donation through PayPal. Using this option will not sign you up for our newsletter or give access to special content, however, you can still request access in the ‘notes’ field when donating, or simply by emailing us.

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Make a recurring donation through Gumroad, our distribution company, and you’ll automatically be given access to all of our films, as well as first access to our new content, workshops, events, and educational material.

Donate to Ecological Wellness

Thank you for supporting the environment with your donation. Beyond donating, the most important way for you to support social and ecological wellness is by taking action in your own community.

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