Patrick and Suhee talk about the film before the 'rough cut' screening at Edinburgh College of Art (photo: Heeyoung Park, | CC BY-SA)

Feedback from Our ‘Rough Cut’ Screening!

Patrick and Suhee talk about the film before the 'rough cut' screening at Edinburgh College of ArtThe past few weeks, Suhee and I have been conducting ‘rough cut’ feedback sessions with groups of friends and faculty here at the University of Edinburgh.

Our first such screening was at the “Palace Theater,” which is a small, regular gathering of like-minded friends here in Edinburgh who are keen on issues of art, environment, sustainability. We want to thank our friends Flavia Salvador and Stephanie Ghetta who hosted this first screening.

The second of these screenings, which happened this past week, was held at Edinburgh College of Art. Here, we showed the rough cut to faculty members from across the larger University who have been involved with the process at various points, as well as a few artists and students who are working within environmental subject areas.

The positive feedback has been great, and far more than we had hoped for at this early stage. Here are just a few of the comments:

“I feel very much awakened to a calmer, simplified perspective of life and food.”

“I feel excited about approaching food (and life) with greater patience, simplicity, and understanding!”

“gentle, simple, and at times filled with natural humor”

“Inspiring, and related to everybody”

“I feel hungry now”

“Positive and hopeful”

“Nice people, nice sound editing, and the Japanese market sequence is a hoot”

“A fascinating journey about how natural farming can connect humans and the rest of nature… some very moving words via interviews”

“I feel like going to a park and eating something outside with my girlfriend”

“Beautiful shots of nature, passionate characters, and tranquility”

“An uplifting, motivating, and informed exploration of the philosophy behind natural farming.”

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved with these screenings, for watching, sitting to chat with us, and recording your thoughts. In addition to these positive comments, we have been given some great constructive feedback, all of which adds some extra fuel to the fire as we work to finish the film.

Music / Soundtrack is our next big task, and our concentration over the summer along with reworking some bits, putting out a footage call to farmers and community farming groups, and all of the other things necessary to finish the film and make it beautiful.

Well, that’s it for now from Edinburgh. If you’d like to get involved, head to the How Can I Help page, and please stay tuned as we continue the journey!