Free Food Kit

Several months ago, we were invited to take part in a show at N3 Art Lab in Yamaguchi, Japan. The show, titled “Eco Art Village Project,” certainly piqued our interest. As a project, the Final Straw is has become far more than just a documentary, it also has become a vehicle for outreach into the community in the spirit of natural farming. Given that this show in Yamaguchi provided just such an opportunity, Suhee and I happily accepted the invitation and developed an idea together, called “Free Food Kit.”

The Free Food Kit is a simple installation: two workstations, each with a bottle of food-bearing seeds, a small spoon, and a box of small, plant-based envelopes. The piece proposes an ‘action’ to the visitor. Gallery visitors are encouraged to put the seed into handmade envelopes, then take them into the community to be planted.

Free Food Kit Installation at N3 Art Lab, Yamaguchi, Japan

It also asks us to reconsider the role of the simple seed, a source of food for humans, and also perhaps, a source of freedom, depending on how you choose to view it.

The most important idea here, is action. When we take action, in our community or simply in our habits as consumers, we are also setting an example for those around us. It’s one of these idea you learn as a child, yet all too often forget as an adult, yet the power of individual action is far greater than many of us know.

Our recommended action for today? Remember that food is free if you grow it. Go outside, find some dirt, and plant a seed!

Need Seed? Try

Wondering what to plant in late Summer? Try Root Crops such as Radish, Turnip, Leek, Carrots, or Leaf Crops such as Lettuce, Broccoli, Swiss chard, Collards, or Spinach.

The show in Yamaguchi runs July 6 – September 29, for more information, visit:

N3 Art Lab
Yamaguchi Eki Dori 1-7-7
(5 minute walk from Yamaguchi JR Station)