In the Media

Being a small two-person team, we aren’t able to do a whole lot of PR work, but below are some bits of media coverage and interviews which have come out during our filming work and community-based ecology projects.

How to Get Along with Nature
Review of Film Screening and Mandala Workshop at Suwon Media Center
2017 March | Suwon News (Korean)

Connecting to Life with Natural Farming in Megijima
2016 September | Shikoku Shinbun / Newspaper (Japanese)

Interview with the Filmmakers
2016 February | Kimchi and Basil

Enlightenment Begins when Everything is Connected
2015 October | Huffington Post (Korean)

Happiness in a Slow Life – The Story of Final Straw
page 1-2 | 3-4 | 5-6 | 7-8
2015 October | ROAD Magazine (Korean)

Small Talk with Documentary Filmmakers Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang
Print Version | Online Version
2015 September | Bar and Dining Magazine (Korean)

Bar and Dining Magazine - Small Talk feature about Final Straw and REALtimeFOOD
Bar and Dining Magazine “Small Talk” feature

Eco Farming. A Beautifully Poetic Look at our Food and Environment…
2015 July/August | Clean Eating Magazine (English)

Urban Farm and Art in Osaka
2015 July | Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese)

It’s Easy: Sharing Culture at Small House in Daejeon
2015 March | Magazine TOMATO (Korean)

Living with Nature: Everything is Connected (모든 것 이 하나씩연결되어 있다)
2014 August | Magazine TOMATO (Korean)

Special: Tomorrow’s Food Culture
2014 January | ESSEN Magazine (Korean)

Final Straw Feature in Essen Magazine, Korea
Final Straw Feature in Essen Magazine, Korea

MFA project presented at Setouchi International Triennale
2013 December | Edinburgh College of Art

잡초도 함께 키우는 게 바른 농사법
2013 March | Danbi News (Korean)

Comparing Japanese and Scottish islands
2013 July | University of Edinburgh

Magazine p.1 | Magazine p.2 | ‘We are Farmers’ – Online Version
2013 July | ESSEN Magazine (Korean)

2013 July | OHK TV (Japanese)

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Yoshikazu Kawaguchi and Kaori Tsuji talk about Kawaguchi's natural farming methods (Photo: P.M. Lydon | Final Straw)

What is Natural farming?

While techniques and methods vary widely, natural farmers share common roots in re-connecting themselves and their farming processes to the Earth, and cultivating food that inherently regenerates the health of the natural world—and of humanity.

Patrick and Suhee during filming of a community project in Megijima, Japan

About the Film

Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, and the book The One Straw Revolution, the film weaves together meditative landscapes, an eclectic original soundtrack, and inspiring stories from some of the world’s foremost figures in the natural farming movement.