Inspired and Hopeful: Feedback from California

During our flight back to California from Texas [see the recent post about our soundtrack recording] I made quick work of putting a rough version of the soundtrack into the film, and a day later we were undertaking the first of four small ‘rough cut’ screenings in the San Franciso Bay Area. A big thanks to our screening guests who gave tremendous feedback, and to the hosts; Professor Robin Lasser at San Jose State University, Josh Hires at JP Impressions, and Kristyn Leach at her home in Berkeley.

One of the four rough cut screening crews in California.
One of the four rough cut screening crews in California.

This marks the last of these small group screenings, and we’ve learned a lot about our audiences in the UK, Korea, and USA. We’re really excited about the feedback, about how far the film has come during the editing stage, and about the next phase (the one where y’all get to see it!)

To sum up the feedback from these California screenings:

After watching the film, large numbers of you reported feeling INSPIRED, CALM, HOPEFUL, and HAPPIER than you did before watching the film. The parts you enjoyed most were the stories and lives of the CHARACTERS, the SCENERY and visuals, and the MUSIC soundtrack.

In addition, here are a few of our favorite responses for describing the film:

  • Like we are all connected to the earth and to each other
  • Like Fantasia meets Farming
  • Like I want to shut off my computer and get in touch with nature
  • I am motivated to change my lifestyle and grow plants in my apartment!
  • Food is more important than I ever knew!
  • Every human being should see this film

The way in which audiences read the film has been tremendous, and we’re happy that it has so positively affected many of those who have watched it.

Our next big target is to work out the final edits, and to begin working on a post-completion plan which deals with how we distribute the film, how we interact with audiences, and maybe most important: how we help audiences engage and create change in their own lives and communities.

1 thought on “Inspired and Hopeful: Feedback from California”

  1. Everything you do and touch become something of beauty!
    Whether it be you words of wisdom for a better world and way of life…Or whether it be the respect and the admiration for the people who farm naturally for a bounty the harvest!
    I as your mother find myself at time speechless and so very proud of all you have accomplished…and all you have to and WILL accomplish…..
    I’m am so very proud of you!!
    Love You…Mom

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