In Edinburgh: Local Foods

Suhee arrived to Edinburgh about 10 days ago, and jumped right into preparations for a Final Straw Show and Symposium on the 26th at University of Edinburgh.

Here in Edinburgh, we’ll present our past two-and-a-half years of research and filming as a work-in progress show. Actually, it’s kind of like a giant film storyboard inside a gallery, which makes it a pretty productive use of the gallery for us! Come see the show if you’re in town!

Even with our busy schedules, we’ve been cooking each day with high quality local food. Eating out is not only expensive here, but also not very good for our health we think (deep fried Mars Bars are common dessert to follow your fried fish and chips). As such, we’ve been trying to find local shops, farmer’s market, and co-ops, which are plentiful here in Edinburgh.

Here’s a short report about Scotland’s local food overview from our local life!


On Saturday, we went to a farmer’s market on Castle Terrace.
From this corner we bought strawberry-vanilla jam and ginger rhubarb jam,
These homemade jams are so very delicious, and rapidly diminishing…
It was very sunny Sunday.
We found a (rosehip?) bush on the way to Stockbridge farmer’s market.
‘Real Foods’
was Edinburgh’s first natural food shop.
Lots of organic and local food to be found here.


At the Stockbridge farmer’s market, thanks to the sunny weather,
was much more crowded than the Saturday’s one.
At the butcher’s corner, we found some very cute pheasants,
on special for only two pounds fifty?
We didn’t take on the pheasant feathers, but bought a Scottish black pudding there,
it’s very similar in taste to Korean blood sausage.

We’re getting familiar with Scotland, a place which seems very developed in local food culture,
and it feels like a great place to share our ‘Final Straw’ philosophy and ideas.

* Here are some links about Scotland’s local food movement.

  – Fife Diet
 –   Nourish Scotland
– Edinburgh Local Food Network
by Soil Association (