New Series: Larry Korn and the Life, Mind, and Farm of Masanobu Fukuoka

We’ve just released a new short film series about the life, mind, and farm of Masanobu Fukuoka. These short interviews with Larry Korn give insights not only into how Fukuoka thought about farming, but how the natural farming way of thinking could be applied to the lives of non-farmers and those living in the city. All of the film footage is made freely available, thanks to donations from our supporters.

Watch The Larry Korn Interviews

You can watch the film in parts on the City as Nature YouTube channel:

Or, you can watch the entire film series — (27 minutes) at the City as Nature website.

About The Interviews

Offering a good companion to the feature film Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness, this three part film series features previously unreleased interviews which we conducted with Larry Korn (1947-2019). After a decade of studying soil, plants, and Eastern culture, Larry spent two years living and studying with Fukuoka in the 1970s, and was instrumental in bringing his ideas to the world.

These interviews were filmed at Larry Korn’s home in Ashland, Oregon in 2012, during production of our feature-length documentary film. They tell the story of Fukuoka from the perspective of a man who spent much of his life dedicated to bringing ideas of East and West together by finding truth within soil, plants and in turn, within humans.

This film was independently produced by City as Nature art and media studio with previously unreleased archival footage from our feature length documentary, Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness.

We would like to thank the following supporters, whose donations made this interview series possible:

Andrew Sblendorio, Johanna Fredenberg & Omstallning Pargas, Janine Lydon, Syanne Cole, MISS D E A SMITH, Peter Brandis, Cenk Rullas