Official Trailer (HD)

The official trailer from “Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness”

Two people with a camera and determination bring us on a journey through Japan, Korea, and the United States, turning our perceptions of food and life upside down, and illuminating amazingly simple solutions for our current global ecological, economic, and social crisises.

Final Straw weaves together insightful interviews, majestic landscapes, and a moving original soundtrack, all while illuminating a brilliant path to sustainability and well being for people and the environment, centered around the cultural and ecological philosophies of the late Masanobu Fukuoka and his seminal book “One Straw Revolution.”

Walking away from salaried jobs in Seoul and Silicon Valley, the film’s directors spent four years creating a film that will leave you inspired, happier, and perhaps even motivated to make a few changes in your own lifestyle.


What is Natural Farming?

Natural Farming was brought to the modern day agricultural world by two Japanese farmers, Masanobu Fukuoka and Mokichi Okada, and since its introduction has been slowly making its way into communities around the world who wish to create a more sustainable life, and to create closer connections with the land in our towns and cities. Learn More