First Farm Visit in Korea

Just returned to Seoul this afternoon from a beautiful mountainside farm in Hongcheon, a few hours outside of Seoul (by train and bus). The owner of the farm, Seonghyun Choi (his nickname is Gaeguri, meaning ‘frog’ in Korean), is not only a natural farmer, but an author on the topic as well. He was also one of the first in South Korea to take up Natural Farming.

Suhee, Chakuri and I had a very peaceful visit with Gaeguri and his family, eating some amazing food from his garden — and even a few things picked off the side of the road — and capturing lots of wonderful imagery.  Because we’ve already done an interview with Gaeguri previously, the conversation this weekend centered around what has and has not worked, and how the natural farming philosophy could be adapted to different climates, and even urban areas. Gaeguri is also helping us get in touch with other Natural Farmers, both in Korea and Japan.

I’m planning to be in Seoul until Friday, when we’ll head out to the next farm. I’ll take advantage of that and visit Namdaemun Market tomorrow to pick up a few camera related items.

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