Political Nature

Final Straw undertakes in-depth qualitative research aimed at bringing to light compelling alternatives for social and ecological wellness.

Our work is aimed at catalyzing simple solutions by 1) creating awareness of small-scale, bio-diverse, interconnected ways of thinking and living, and 2) helping individuals and organizations alike cultivate deeper, more socially integrated relationships with humanity and the natural world.

As a primer to the discussion here, see the Final Straw Post on Natural Capital in Scotland

Nature really controls the whole show here on earth, the least we could do is show up to the bargaining table, to sit down in the forest and see what we can do for and/or with nature.

Prescience for this kind of action was set when Bolivia’s legislation recognized ‘Ley de Derechos de la Madre Tierra,’ the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth in 2010.

If we are banking, trading, speculating, policy-making, producing, or otherwise engaging in activities which could have a negative impact on the natural environment, our leaders should be in communication these natural systems when they make such decisions.

To accomplish this goal, we suggest mandatory training in natural farming or similar holistic communication principals for all CEO’s, political officials, and other public and private decision-makers.

In the office of the future and the parliament of the future, the appointed leaders must learn how to talk with – or at least listen to – the whole of the environment around them.

If we are to find a way forward, we’re going to need to learn the secret language of plants.