Patrick Skyping with Mr. Milillo's Fifth Grade class at Orchard School in San Jose.

Q&A with Orchard School 5th Graders

We had the pleasure yesterday to entertain questions over Skype from Mr. Milillo’s 5th grade class at Orchard School in San Jose (USA).

Suhee and I enjoy engaging with youth on the topic of nature and culture, but more than this, we believe that it is imperative to the success of humanity that we challenge our youth to be engaged, active seekers of knowledge. Orchard School 5th grade teacher, Patrice Milillo has similar ideas, having created projects such as Bring Back the Arts to remind us how the arts can foster community and creative knowledge seeking. When Mr. Milillo approached us to chat with his class, we were more than happy to oblige.

The students are recently studying the travels and journalistic breakthroughs of Nellie Bly, and through Mr. Milillo’s interactive teaching style, they have also learned a great bit about plants and food through hand made models like this one…

A plant model made by Patrice Milillo's 5th Grade class at Orchard School
A plant model made by Patrice Milillo’s 5th Grade class at Orchard School

Certainly a creative group!

We enjoyed answering their great questions about nature, farming, and travels. Thank you to Orchard School 5th graders. Keep learning and posing your own challenging questions about the world.