Short Take – Yoshikazu Kawaguchi, Japan

This series of ‘Short Take’ interviews offer sneak peaks of characters from the upcoming documentary film “Final Straw,” a film which explores Japanese natural farming and the relationships between people and the environment.

This time around, we travel to Nara, Japan, to meet Yoshikazu Kawaguchi, Japan’s foremost thinker and doer in Natural Farming.

Mr. Kawaguchi runs a no-fee community farm school which draws over 300 students from all over Japan (and the world) each month. Thank you to our translator, coordinator, and good friend Kaori Tsuji for her help with this particular segment!

Natural Farming was brought to the modern day agricultural world by two Japanese farmers, Masanobu Fukuoka and Mokichi Okada, and since its introduction has been slowly making its way into communities around the world who wish to create a more sustainable life, and to create closer connections with the land in our towns and cities.