Seeds and Diversity in Santa Clara, California

There is great diversity created each time a plant sprouts from the earth, and this natural diversity is unimaginably important to our ability to continue living by way of agriculture on this earth.


Diversity in our crops creates immense strength when these crops are faced with uncertain situations — be it weather, pests, or soil — and it is within small, local, biodiverse farms that we find such diversity and strength.

The simple acts of seed saving and seed sharing with those around you are great ways to encourage this diversity and the positive and ecologically strong kinds of farming and gardening that come along with it.

With this thought in mind… Suhee has been wanting to have a look at some of the libraries in the area (we often work at libraries when we need time to concentrate, think, write, research…) and on a visit to the Santa Clara Library, we came upon an unexpected kind of catalog.


TheSeed Library” is a program run by Seed Savers Exchange, a non-profit organization which has been dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds since 1975. Within this particular Seed Library corner, there are also a wealth of books about gardening, farming and seed collecting.


We ‘checked out’ some ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean’ seed, and look forward to planting, saving, and sharing it… as well as bringing some back to the library next time.

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