South Korea Tour Schedule

Post-screening talk in DumulmeoriWe’re already half way through the South Korea tour, but honestly, we didn’t know this was coming.

Our plan was to land in South Korea after our projects in Japan, and to organize a few small screenings with friends and organizations we knew. Well, what ended up happening is that we did the small screenings with friends and organizations we knew, and through word of mouth and social media, we’re now nearly booked solid for the next month and a half!

If you’re in Korea, have a look at the schedule below and email (because I’ll be useless to help you with any of our Korean shows) if you would like to attend a screening.

There’s also a Korean Version of the Tour Schedule which is probably more up to date and correct than this one.

Final Straw Korea Tour / Fall 2015

9/14 — Seoul Sajikdong ROGPA cafe
9/22  Seoul MAKSA (PlaceMAK)
9/24  Seoul Samcheong (삼청동 숨)
10/7  Seoul Eum Bookstore (이음책방)
10/8  Seoul Cafe Seongsu (카페성수)
10/10  Suwon Urban Citizen’s Farm (당수동 시민농장)
10/13  Seoul Gildam Bookstore (길담서원)
10/15 Paldang Dumulmeori Cafe (두머리부엌)
10/17  Seoul Urban Agricultural Festival (서울도시농업축제)
10/22  Seoul Value Garden (밸류가든) / 19:30
10/25 — Yangsan South Gyeongsang Province (경남 양산 꽃피는학교) / 19:00
10/26 — Busan (부산 산복도로 프로잭트)  / 19:30
10/27 Busan Green University (부산 온배움터) / 19:00
10/28 — Daejeon Community Library (대전 중촌마을어린이도서관) / 19:30
10/29 — Seoul ‘Space Station’ (서울 ‘우주정거장’ 상영회) / 19:00 (

11/22 — Seoul Slow Food Asia Pacific International Festival

— Events in Planning —

11/5 — Seoul Haebangchon (해방촌 빈가게)
11/9 — Seoul Hongdae Cafe Sukara (카페 수카라)
11/11 — Jinan Community Center / Damyang apricot tree Nursery
11/13 — Choennam Goheung Green Party (전남 고흥 녹색당 모임)
11/15-17 — Jeju Island
11/18 — Garden Depot (텃밭보급소)

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