Threshing Rice in Hongcheon

Suhee is really sick these days. She’s been organizing and promoting this whole tour, which has required constant attention. The way it’s happened spreading by word of mouth means that as we do more screenings, our schedule gets more full until we get to the point where we are constantly on the move each day. By now, our schedule for the next week of back to back screenings and events is being pieced together as we carry out this week’s back to back screenings and events.

This will go on for a few more weeks, by that time I think both of us will need a good break to recover.

So with Suhee home, I went with Kaori and Inoji to Hongcheon. This is the farm where our film basically started during a talk with natural farmer SeongHyun Choi. We’ve gone back twice a year since then to help variously with planting, harvesting, and threshing rice.

This weekend, it was rice threshing time, and it reminded me how beautiful and amazing this place is. We only go during the most difficult and energy intense working times, and yet we always find such a refreshing peace and happiness during these visits. We always come back dead tired, of course, but being in that field, full of life and good people and good food and a bit of korean rice wine… nothing quite like it.

I’ll leave you then, with a few pictures from the field, and hope that you’ll join me sometime.